Bride of the Week!

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Feb 05, 2020


Bride's Name:  Blen Degefu

Groom's Name:  Yemane Mezgebu

Venue:  Hilton Addis Ababa

Photographer: Afro Studio 

Videographer: Square Pictures 

Hair : Abi Hair Salon 

Makeup: Makki 

Dress:  Serendipity Bridal 

Bridesmaids: Oksana dresses 

Tuxedos: Suit Supply

Flowers: Diva Decor 



Q: Special/favorite moment of your day?

A: The first dance was very special to me and my most favorite part of the day. It felt like it was just me and my husband dancing in our living room and didn't feel like 500+ people were there looking. 


Q: Favorite Moment of Day?

A: The vow ceremony was my favorite moment of the day as we got the blessings from God and exchanged vows. 


Q: Best memory of day?

A: Eating breakfast with my girls in the morning and laughing at the most ridiculous jokes was the best times. 


Q: Wedding Theme

A: Color - Our wedding theme color was burgundy and white. 


Q: Why you chose the dress you picked? 

A: the dress made me feel like myself and it flattered my body and showed my curves. Not only that, but it made me feel very beautiful and I felt very comfortable in it as well. 


Q: A few sentences about your wedding?

A: Celebrating our love with the people we love was such a blessing for both of us. Me and my husband with our wedding party truly had fun and enjoyed ourselves. It was simply perfect.


Q: How did you and your groom meet? 

A: It was 5 and a half years ago I happen to travel to Washington DC and I met my husband at a pre wedding event for one of our mutual friends. I happen to sit next to him and the rest is history. 


Q: How did your groom propose?

A: We traveled to Venice, Italy summer of 2017 and he proposed after we had a fight LOL. He told me that not only in good times but also in hard times that he wants to show me that he loves me and hence our fight didn't stop him from proposing that day. I love this man. 


Q: Advice to bride planning her wedding. 

A: Not to stress too much and to remember to have fun during the process of planning. If you start planning early, then it will be less stressful. 


Q: What favorite part/thing/experience about shopping with Serendipity?

A: The fact that they are like a family and truly assist you to find the right dress. It's a gem I found by accident and I have been recommending it to anyone that is looking for bridal dresses.  





The 1st dress is for the wedding ceremony program - day time which we had at the garden and exchanged vows.  The second dress which I got from Serendipity Bridal was for the reception at night. The third dress was from a local store in Ethiopia, its a traditional ethiopian dress that I wore for the day two of the celebrations. Here is a bit information on Day 2 also known as "Melse" 


Day two of an Ethiopian wedding, referred to as 'Melse,' is a reception that occurs on the day after the wedding for close friends and family members hosted by the Bride’s family. The bride and groom wear traditional habesha clothes as well as a “Kaba” which is a traditional cape embellished with gold or silver trimmings. The bridal party and guests also wear traditional habesha clothes. The bride and groom walk in with their bridal party and immediately begin dancing. Once the dancing stops, the food is blessed and the bridal party begins serving food and drinks and they are considered “hosts” of the melse. Everything, from the bride’s hair, gold accessories, traditional attire is drastically different from Day 1, traditional western wedding in white gown.