Bride of the Week - Madison!

Bride of the Week - Madison!. Mobile Image

Dec 15, 2020

Bride's Name: Madison Caron
Groom's Name: Gregory Garner
Venue: The Barn at Pleasant Acres
Photographer: Amanda Adams
Videographer: Cole Schubert/Tanner Bendebba
Hair and Makeup: Jennifer Le Makeup
Dress: Essence of Australia 
Bridesmaids: Kennedy Blue/JJs House/Revelry
Tuxedos: Jim's Formal Wear
Flowers: Weaver's Flowers
1. Special moment of your day?
My two maids of honor had people close to me in my life write letters to me to read the morning of my wedding. I had one from each of my bridesmaids, to all of my brothers, my in laws, and everyone I could of wanted one from! It was the only time I cried throughout the day, and I was thankful I got it all out then so after that I could just enjoy all of the happiness of the day. 
2. Favorite Moment of Day?
I think my favorite moment of the day was the ceremony all together. We had a close family member get ordained so he could marry us, and we couldn’t of picked anyone more perfect for the job! He made the ceremony upbeat and hilarious! When he pronounced us husband and wife, it was amazing!!  
3. Best memory of day?
All of the groomsmen/bridesmaids entrances into the reception. We had told them that we had high expectations for each entrance and that they needed to be the best anyone had ever seen. We had everything from the maid of honor and best man switching outfits to a bridesmaid flipping over a groomsmen's back to a bridesmaid being carried in by a groomsmen with an empty Tito's bottle because she had gotten "too drunk". Although we didn't get to see all of them first hand since we were at the back of the line, we got to see them all practice them and hear all the cheers and laughter from all of our guests! 
4. What was your Wedding Theme/Colors?
Rustic, yet modern. Since we got married in a barn, I didn't want it to be the classic burlap and mason jars. I spent a lot of time and effort thinking of little details to make the day unique and memorable. Our colors were a range of pinks (blush to burgundy) and a indigo/navy blue! The real theme was "the bride can't decide" so there were multiples of so many things lol! 
5. Why did you choose the dress you picked?
I chose my dress because I have always been "the princess" of my family and I wanted to be a princess on my wedding day. I also wanted something a little different than a traditional looking ballgown, so I found something that was sparkly and had a little extra flair to it! 
6. Tell us about your wedding!
We spent over two years planning this wedding, and when COVID-19 hit this day slowly became my worst nightmare. But thankfully, everything turned out exactly how we planned (just at half the guest list) and it couldn’t of been a more perfect day. It was everything I had ever dreamed of! 
7. How did you and your groom meet?
We met when we were 14 and 15 years old, both going to La Plata High School. We spent 3 years dating during that time, but decided it was better to go our own ways during college. We stayed in touch over the next 3 years and reconnected my senior year of college and decided to give it one more try to make things work! 
8. How did your groom propose?
Greg proposed at what was suppose to be HIS surprise birthday party. I had set up a party at Mully's Brewery over in Calver County and invited all of our friends. But little did I know, he had a ring and his mom knew he was waiting for the perfect time to pop the question. We got to the party (I said we were going on a tour of the brewery for his birthday), and his mom ran outside to say "it was really crowded inside and so we may have to go somewhere else after the tour", but she was really just slipping him the ring. Then we walked inside and everyone yelled surprise! I turned to see his face and he looked at me and then got down on one knee! Although my idea of a surprise party was ruined, it couldn't of been a more perfect day! 
9. Do you have any advice to brides planning their wedding?
Finish your planning early and don't be afraid to lean on your bridesmaids for help! I had finished everything for the big day the weekend before the wedding, so I was able to just relax and enjoy each part of the long weekend! The morning of the wedding while we were all getting our hair and makeup done, I was able to just spend time relaxing and having fun with my girls rather than freaking out about last minute things that needed to be done! You picked the people in your wedding for a reason, lean on them if you need to. Whether it's asking them to pick up the flowers, or be responsible for bringing something to venue; don't try to be superwoman and do everything yourself! 
10. What was your favorite part/thing/experience about shopping with Serendipity?
My favorite part about Serendipity is that when you walk in, you immediately feel like your family. Jessica and Janice were SOOO helpful throughout the 1.5 years I was going there before my wedding. They even took on a special project for me to help make my husband's day extra special. They handled everything from my dress to all of the guys suits! And they can't get rid of me just yet, I'll be back to get my Matron of Honor dress for my best friend's wedding!