Bride of The Week - Rachel & Austin

Bride of The Week - Rachel & Austin


Bride's Name: Rachel
Groom's Name: Austin
Venue: Sarum Manor Farm (Grandmother's Farm)
Photographer: Marie Medina
Videographer: Rivion Films
Hair and Makeup: Dorsey Beauty
Dress: Serendipity 
Bridesmaids: Show Me your MuMu
Tuxedos: Serendipity 
Band: JumpStreet
Flowers: Potomac Floral Design – Mike Burch



Special/favorite moment of your day?
Seeing Austin and everyone in the church as soon as the doors opened. I cannot explain how happy I was at this moment! I was so happy to see Austin.



Favorite Moment of the Day?
The moment outside the church with my dad, right before the doors opened and we walked in. We could hear the music playing and we both knew that was such a special moment. I will never forget that!



Best memory of the day?
Before we went to the church, we stopped at Tootsie's house for her to put a cross necklace on me that was her grandmother's. This necklace has been worn by every family member who has gotten married over the years. Having that time with Tootsie was amazing and was such a happy moment.



Wedding Theme – Color
Light blue with a little dash of everything else!



Why did you choose the dress you picked?
I chose my wedding dress because I really wanted something that was timeless and classic. The bow on the back was pulled from another dress and I just loved the extra detail it brought. It was the perfect dress for me, and I was so comfortable all day!



A few sentences about your wedding?
Our wedding was incredible. The weather that day was unreal, which was just the cherry on top. Our day was a great mixture of heart-warming people, conversations, and experiences with incredible music that filled the air! The whole day was just filled with smiles, Austin and I could not have asked for anything more.




How did you and your groom meet?
My brother George and Austin knew each other through a mutual hobby, jujitsu. George, for years, has told me how compatible he thought Austin and I would be. When I moved back into the DMV area from SC in 2021, Austin and I met online, and the rest was history! We both knew pretty quickly that we had found the one.



How did your groom propose?
Austin organized a boat ride on July 3rd, 2022 (my dad’s 60th birthday) with both of our parents while also working with my brother and sister to organize a family party when we got back to the house. Austin and both of our parents rode the boat out to a very pretty piece of farming land and went for a walk. As we were walking, Austin started talking about our lives together and how he did not want to wait to start the next chapter together. Then he got down on his knee! I was completely shocked and had no idea that he was going to propose. It was the best surprise I ever could have asked for.



Advice to a bride planning her wedding.
I would limit the amount of “trendy” wedding items you consume. I would really encourage any bride to go into any decision using their own thoughts and vision so everything really comes from you!



What favorite part/thing/experience about shopping with Serendipity?
Serendipity made our process everything I could’ve hoped for. First, their collection of dresses and stylists are so accommodating to anyone who walks in their door. I had no idea what kind of dress I wanted, and their stylists helped me figure that out! Serendipity also has an event planning branch of their business that made all the details of our wedding so personalized. They customized our own wedding emblem and put it on everything, from napkins, place settings, and table numbers to signs and cozies. Serendipity made our entire reception incredibly personalized. Austin and I are so grateful to have worked with such an amazing company and group of people. We are thankful to have made great friends at Serendipity, throughout the wedding process – they made it more fun than we thought possible!