Bride of the Week - Xaris & Ashton

Bride of the Week - Xaris & Ashton

Bride of the Week - Xaris & Ashton. Mobile Image

Oct 03, 2022


Bride's Name: Xaris

Groom's Name: Ashton

Venue: North Ten Mile Baptist Church/Julian's Banquet Hall, Washington, PA. 

Photographer: Boni Visuals (@masonboni/

Hair: Rachel Confort (@rachel_salonlenae)

Dress: Essence of Australia-Serendipity Bridal and Events

Bridesmaids: Sorella Vita-Serendipity Bridal and Events. Each girl could choose whatever style dress she wanted as long as it was navy blue. I wanted each of them to wear something they felt comfortable and beautiful in!

Tuxedos: Jim's Formal Wear-Serendipity Bridal and Events 

Flowers: Floral Reflections



Favorite Moment of Day?

My favorite moment from our wedding day was after the ceremony when my husband and I were driving to the reception and we were in shock that we were finally married! We were just talking and goofing off and it was so nice to have that bit of time alone to talk about everything we did that morning before seeing each other at the end of the aisle.


Best memory of the day?

There were so many special moments so it's hard to choose just one favorite memory. But if I have to choose, I would have to say the best memory was towards the end of dinner when a few of my friends surprised us with the choreographed dance from Jim and Pam's wedding on “The Office” (which my husband and I love). The girls wore “team bride” shirts and the guys wore “team groom” shirts. At one point, the entire wedding party and a couple guests joined them and brought us onto the dance floor to have a mini dance party. It was so much fun and I couldn't believe they put all of that together for us! It was so unexpected and unique!



Wedding Theme - Color?

Our wedding colors were navy blue and rust orange. The bridesmaid dresses were navy blue, except for my matron of honor whose dress was rust colored, and the groomsmen wore lighter navy blue suits. We tied in the rust color through the bouquets and boutineers. The venue décor consisted of white with some gold accents and greenery to create a simple, naturally elegant look.




Why did you choose the dress you picked?

I tried on about 5 dresses, but I was in love with the first one I tried on! It was the perfect balance of a timeless, classic design with a touch of boho. I never thought I would be able to find the exact style of dress I wanted, but I did and it was better than all of the inspo pictures I had been saving on Pinterest!



A few sentences about your wedding?

Our wedding was very simple and beautiful, and the reception was so fun. It was amazing to celebrate with so many people in my life who mean so much to me. I have never felt more special and loved than I did on my wedding day. Ashton and I danced with our guests all night and it was just the best time. It was everything I could have hoped for and more!



How did you and your groom meet?

Ashton and I were church friends growing up, but reconnected after he joined the Navy and left for bootcamp. We wrote letters back and forth during that time and realized we had a very strong connection. After talking for several months, we went on a date when he was home on leave and then we dated long-distance for 2 years.



How did your groom propose?

On one of my trips to visit him in Charleston, SC, Ashton blindfolded me and drove to all of our favorite places. We eventually arrived at Riverfront Park, our favorite place to go on walks, have picnics, and just sit and look out at the water. We walked around the park for a while, then he took me to a beautiful old mansion that is located in the park and then he proposed!



Advice to bride planning her wedding?

Seeing your vision finally come together is so amazing and I promise you will LOVE it. I stressed so much about how everything would look because I wouldn't be able to see it all come together until the day of since the venue, flowers, reception décor, and wedding party details were all being organized in a different state. It all ended up looking even better than I imagined it would! Also, don't compare your wedding to other friends' or social media influencers, I struggled with this a lot during my wedding planning. Just focus on your vision and don't worry about what other brides are doing. We all like different things, but can find beauty in each other's ideas! Taking inspiration from other weddings is great, just try not to compare to others so much that you begin to hate your own ideas. But my best advice is this: celebrate being engaged and your upcoming wedding as much as you can, it is such a special time! However, more importantly, make sure you don't lose focus on what life will be like after the wedding is over. Married life is still so exciting and fun. So when the stress of wedding planning overwhelms you, focus on what life will be like being married to your favorite person!



What favorite part/thing/experience about shopping with Serendipity?My favorite part of shopping with Serendipity was how special they all made me feel the day I came in to look at dresses. And after I had found my dress, Jessica and Janice were there to help me with anything I needed in the months leading up to the wedding. They helped me decide on suits, ties, my veil, flowers, and were always there to remind me that the colors I had chosen would look great together and kept me from losing my mind at times lol! All of the women at Serendipity are incredible, and they always did everything they could to make sure my vision for the wedding came together. I could not have asked for a better wedding planning experience, I always felt like a priority and each of the women did so much to make sure I had my perfect wedding!