There are so many things to think about when planning your wedding. You have the cake, the bridal bouquets, and of course the wedding dress. What do all these things have in common? They all cost money, which means the budget is probably the biggest thing you will worry about when planning your big day.

Serendipity Bridal and Events is not just your ordinary bridal boutique. Think of us as your fairy godmother. We not only have wedding dresses, but we are here to help you work within your budget to plan your wedding from the moment you get engaged until you say “I do.”
In this blog, we are going to give you a few tips to ease your stress when planning a wedding on a budget.

Make a Wedding Checklist

Lists are super helpful when it comes to small details, plus it’s always satisfying be able to check off a big-ticket item.

By making a wedding checklist, you make it easier to visualize the different things you need to do and organize them by cost.

Minimize Cost By Doing it Yourself

Why pay someone to do something that you can do yourself? If you’re really crafty, maybe you and your soon-to-be-spouse spend a night making some of the wedding decor for your reception. When all of your guests are complimenting the beautiful lace tea lights on the tables, you can proudly say you did it yourself.

Another way to save money is to have the rehearsal dinner at your house. It’s easy to plan a lavish rehearsal dinner at some fancy restaurant downtown, but inviting people to your home for a relaxed “night in” gives the evening a more intimate feel and saves you money!

Decide What Is Most Important

Weddings are pretty expensive as is, but if you decide to pay top dollar for every little thing, it will add up more quickly than you would ever think possible. After you make a list of everything you need to spend money on, sit down with your significant other and decide which items on the list are most important. Do you need to have the full wedding cake, or would a cupcake bar work instead? Does your wedding dress need to be custom made from Paris, or will a dress from Serendipity Bridal and Events make all your dreams come true? Prioritize what items are absolutely “need-to-have” and what items you would be okay spending a little less on.

Narrow Down the Guest List

Deciding who to invite to your wedding is tricky. Playing the “which friend will stay and which friend is voted off the island” game is never fun but, in order to keep costs down, you have to limit how many people get invited to your wedding.

If you know you’re going to need help planning your big day, check out Serendipity Bridal and Events. Not only do we have a large selection of wedding dresses, but we also help you plan your wedding from start to finish. Contact Serendipity Bridal and Events today!

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