Planning a wedding is a huge ordeal, and at times, it can be extremely stressful. From finding the perfect wedding dress to determining the decor for your ceremony and reception, there are a million little details that you need to try and figure out. With that in mind, there are always new styles, ideas, and techniques popping up to give you inspiration for your wedding, and in today’s post, we will discuss four wedding trends that you should consider adopting for your upcoming ceremony.

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Bridesmen and Groomsgirls

The tradition of the wedding party is that the bridesmaids are all women, and the groomsmen are all men. However, there is starting to be a trend of more and more couples mixing the sexes in their respective parties. This is great news for brides who consider themselves more of a “guys’ girl” and men who feel they simply get along better with women. All the rules have gone out the window, and you now have the freedom to have anyone you want in your wedding party.

Alternative Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have always been a beautiful diamond set in a silver or gold band, however, recently more and more couples have decided to go with an alternative stone or band to represent their relationship. Shocking as it may seem, not every woman is a fan of a big diamond sitting on her ring finger. For this reason, the future spouse may pick a different gemstone that better fits the personality of their loved one, such as a natural diamond, a ruby, or maybe even a sapphire.

Bringing Nature Inside

There’s no question that outdoor weddings have a certain beauty about them. Unfortunately, not every couple has the option of holding their wedding outside surrounded by nature. As a result, many couples decide to bring nature indoors by incorporating different elements into their ceremony. For example, one couple may choose to have a lot of greenery decorating their reception hall, or another couple may choose to stand underneath a woody arch as they say “I do.”

Unplugged Ceremonies

The purpose of a wedding is to share your love with your partner as your friends and family members stand witness. However, it’s hard to make your moment special when everyone is recording it with their smartphones and broadcasting it for the entire world to see. As we progress into 2019, you will most likely see a spike in “unplugged weddings,” where the couple will request that their guests either drop their mobile devices in a box as they enter the ceremony or leave them turned off.

Need Help Planning Your Wedding?

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