Wedding season has officially begun, and your big day will be here before you know it. Now that you’re counting down the days before you and your partner will be officially married, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the number of tasks you have yet to complete. Instead of letting yourself feel stressed, it’s important to try and find ways to relax while also tackling the necessary steps to ensure that your big day is perfection. In today’s post, we will discuss what last-minute items you need to complete off of your wedding checklist before your wedding day arrives.

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Confirm With Your Vendors

As your wedding day approaches, make sure you call to confirm all of the details with your vendors. The last thing you want is for your big day to arrive and your vendors nowhere to be seen. A week or two before the date of your wedding, contact all of your vendors and double check that they have the correct date and address for your wedding and reception. You will also want to give them the phone number of your wedding planner or the person in charge of your venue just in case they have any last-minute questions.

Deliver Anything You Need to Your Venue

On the day of your wedding, it’s important that you try to relax and enjoy the process of getting ready for the ceremony. You don’t want to have to worry about whether or not someone remembered to drop off the cake-cutting knife or the centerpieces while you’re busy getting your hair done. In an effort to put your mind at ease, it’s a good idea to drop off any necessary items at your wedding venue a few days prior to the actual ceremony. It’s best to drop off items like your toasting glasses, centerpieces, and any other items that you are supplying yourself, giving you peace of mind that they are where they need to be a few days prior to the ceremony.

Assign a Point Person

Once the day of your wedding arrives, the only job you have is to get married to the person you love. Unfortunately, there are sure to be many people who have questions that you may or may not be able to answer. The best thing you can do for your sanity on your wedding day is to assign someone to be your point person for any and all questions that come your way on your big day. If you hired a wedding planner, then they may already be in charge of fielding questions and concerns. However, if you decided to plan the wedding on your own, then it may be up to you to assign someone to the task. Find someone trustworthy who won’t be too busy on the day of your wedding such as one of your bridesmaids or a member of your family. Assigning a point person gives you the freedom to avoid some of the most stressful situations.

Write a Note to Your Partner

It’s normal for you and your significant other to feel a little nervous before you walk down the aisle. That being said, writing a note to your partner for them to read before the ceremony will help calm the nerves and replace them with excitement for the commitment and the journey ahead. The night before your wedding, write a short note to your fiancé saying how excited you are to become their spouse, and have your partner do the same. Then, right before the ceremony begins, you will both read the notes that the other wrote, and suddenly the nerves will drift away.

Pack for the Honeymoon

Are you leaving for your honeymoon right after the reception? If so, then one of the last-minute items you need to cross off your wedding checklist is packing for your vacation! This task may actually feel like a welcome break from finalizing plans and confirming with vendors — as long as you give yourself enough time in advance. Start collecting items you will need for your trip as soon as two weeks before your wedding. Keep in mind that the week before you wedding will be filled with last-minute tasks, greeting relatives from out of town, the rehearsal dinner, and more, and you may not have enough of a break to pack everything at once.

Check the Weather

If you are planning for an outdoor ceremony or reception, it’s vital that you are diligent about checking the weather leading up to your big day. Weather can shift without a moment’s notice, and it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in place that you can implement should it be needed. In addition to preparing for rain showers, you should also have options in place if you’re expecting sunny weather and warm temperatures. Consider supplying your guests with fans or sunglasses that they can use if it becomes too hot or bright, and have an area where older relatives can sit in the shade if need be.

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